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Ronel Bezuidenhout

To be a respected leader and gain followers, one would need the ability to influence, delegate and navigate a business. It is with these fundamental leadership qualities and firm Christian belief that Ronel Bezuidenhout, Managing Director and Principal at Capital Hotel School (CHS) continues to lead, influence and motivate students, staff and management.

Ronel believes the definition of Mike Ayers who says, ‘A biblical leader is a person of character and competence who influences a community of people to achieve a God-Honouring calling by means of the Power of Christ.

Ronel has chosen Jesus to be her business coach. After all, He developed, trained and delegated. He had to handle rejection and criticism. He faced fierce competition at the same time as dealing with His own personal issues and Jesus was also tempted by instant gratification, recognition and the misuse of power, much like the obstacles Ronel faces on a daily basis.

To become a leader and a force of nature in the workplace, any coaching process will start with unpacking the ‘Whose and Who Am I’. For Ronel, she went a little further and asked herself:

  • Who do I belong to?
  • Who do I choose as the primary authority and audience in and for my life?


Although easier said than done given how leadership in business has been celebrated as the ultimate source of truth – Ronel had to consciously accept that she was created to please God and that God’s word was, and is the ultimate source of truth for her.

Ronel looked to the wisdom of Ken Blanchard when asking herself ‘Who Am I’ who divides the four leadership domains into the Heart and Head (internal) and the Hands and Habits (external) and says that when these are aligned, the results are joy, loyalty, trust and productivity. He says the opposite is true when these four domains are out of alignment.

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Next on Ronel’s journey as a leader was to be able to understand what type of leader she was and to identify where her motivation comes from. Although Ronel saw herself as a driven type of leader – which she believes made her fearful of losing power and position, she soon realised that she was a called leader which simply meant that her influence and ability to lead was on loan from God. Despite it having taken some time to accept that she was a servant of God which was the catalyst for a fundamental mind shift, Ronel soon discovered that like Jesus, she needed to become a servant leader with a vision (leader) that needed to be implemented (servant) – by empowering those around me and not simply delegating tasks.

Having addressed the internal domains – as described by Blanchard, as the head and heart, it became clear to Ronel that the purpose of her business needed to change. Why was she doing what she was doing? What was her calling? It was through an accidental radio broadcast where God spoke to her that Ronel decided to focus on developing the intellectual property within in her business and broaden her offering by building in modern technologies. These redefined visions saw the birth of an entire new division within the business which brought with it, new team members, new hope and new business ventures.

By redefining the vision for Ronel’s business, she too needed to identify the mission that would support her vision. She did this by unpacking the role and value of values, and identified five for her own business that she shared and continues to share with her team which are reflected in all CHS’s business dealings which are:

  • Having fun
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Generosity
  • Creativity


Ronel believes that success is getting people to buy into, and live a leader’s vision, mission and values. Ronel has done this by being a servant of Christ and works daily at the external factors being hands (deeds and actions) and habits (reaffirming whose and who I am) but does so through prayer and living every day as a servant, steward and shepherd.


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