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The hospitality industry is a hard one – you have to be highly energetic and be passionate about what you do, or you won’t be able to deal with the long hours and attention to detail that is required in this industry. It is all about perfection – giving the client or the customer the perfect experience, whether it is food, accommodation or service. Because this is such a massive industry, there is also a lot of competition, so you have a better chance than the other applicants if you choose to get some qualifications at a top hotel school such as The Capital Hotel School.

It is essential these days to do courses that are accredited nationally, and if you can, an international accreditation can provide you with even more work opportunities. If you would like to work on a cruise ship, in a casino, or at a hotel overseas, an international qualification is highly advisable, and will provide you with a better background and training, ensuring that you are ready to take on life in a real work environment. A top hotel school should be able to provide you with all the required qualifications.

Why The Capital Hotel School is Considered a Top Hotel School

At The Capital Hotel School, we base our tuition and conduct on the values we have set for our business, and we are fully committed at all times to live up to these values. This means that we understand what role we play in the national and international training arena, and we work hard to actively create and support continuous professional and personal relationships between our students, the industry, and our colleagues. We also believe in fun, and we encourage our learners, lecturers, and partners to exercise their hospitality vocation in an environment which is friendly and flexible.

Inclusive in our core values is also integrity, which means that we work in a transparent fashion on a trustworthy basis at all times. We believe that generosity is important, which means that we are generous with our advice, learning opportunities, and time. Humility teaches us to accept differences, and to work together towards a common goal rather than only our own. One of the most evident values is creativity; we actively encourage our learners and professionals to become and remain as creative and curious as possible, and from this, a great amount of talent can blossom and be enhanced.

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