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A Top Chef School in Pretoria That Can Help You Pursue Your Dream Career 

Have you just finished your last year of school and are looking for an exciting career that can offer financial security and endless international opportunities? Or, have you had just about enough of that pencil-pushing job that is slowly wearing you down, day by day. Choosing a career path can be tough, especially in today’s economy, and if there is one piece of advice that we can offer you, it’s to choose a career that you’re actually passionate about.

If you have a secret love affair with food, love nothing more than spending your weekends and evenings in watching all those reality cooking shows, jump at the chance to experiment with new dishes using different ingredients, love travel, and have a deep hunger for challenges, then we may have the perfect career path for you: a career as a chef

You only have to look at the popularity of some of the celebrity chefs to know that there’s something appealing about the life of a chef. But, regardless of how passionate and talented you think you are, you can’t expect to become a chef overnight. If you want to be as successful as the celebrity chefs, then you need to earn your title, which starts by enrolling in a top chef school, such as the Capital Hotel School in Pretoria.

We can confidently say that we are one of the top chef schools in Gauteng. Not only are all of our courses compliant with national and international accreditation requirements, but our facilities are also of world-class standards

At the Capital Hotel School, we provide students with the right tools and techniques to make their mark in the culinary arts. We offer national and international accredited courses, including a 2-year Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts, a 1-year Certificate in National Food Preparation and Cooking, a 2-year Diploma in Patisserie, and a 1-year Diploma in Food Preparation and Supervision.

While it’s true that every successful career begins with a dream, becoming a world-class chef is a dream that can be achieved. All you need is creativity, energy, determination, a “can-do” attitude, and a first-rate accredited chefs training diploma from a top chef school, such as the Capital Hotel School.

To find out more about our accreditations, our courses and our facilities, come to our open day on the 19th of May 2018, and allow us to give you a tour of our 5-star training kitchen, our student lounge and exhibition space, our multi-purpose hall, our student facilities, and our lecture rooms.

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