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Top Tips for Choosing a Hotel Management Course 

If you have your heart set on working in the hospitality industry and you are looking for the most suitable hotel management course, we know you have your work cut out for you! While there are many establishments that offer good hotel management courses, very few possess the respect and the high graduate recruitment rate of Capital Hotel School. So, if you are in the process of choosing a hotel management course that will be able to provide you with all the qualifications and experience you need to make a success of your career as a hotel manager, CHS can help you. Herewith some tips on how to go about the selection process:

  • Do your homework: Because there are many different culinary and hospitality academies and training establishments around South Africa, you have to do some research in order to find out what each of them offers. If you are planning to study from home, you will be restricted to the colleges that provide hotel management courses near to where you live or work. Being closer to home or work is easier because it provides more convenient access to your lectures and study locations. Ensure that the college you choose has an established reputation in the industry and that they are well respected by the establishments who employ their graduates, and also offer them practical learning experience. The more respected and sought after the hotel school is, the better your chances are of gaining employment at high-profile establishments.
  • Ensure that the hotel management course you choose provides you with an advantage over the competition: It is typical for those in the hospitality management industry to look for employees who are comfortable with a variety of work descriptions. Often, they have to interact with guests from diverse backgrounds and environments. The correct hotel management course will not only teach you how to manage a hotel, but it will also incorporate a strong focus on cultural awareness and communication in a module that will improve your ability to communicate effectively with guests and employees. Other modules that should be included in the syllabus of your hotel management course include leadership skills, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and human resource management training.
  • Professional and friendly environment: Often, the most sought-after hotel management courses are taught at academies that practice what they preach. The environment within the college should be a welcoming and nurturing one, where learning and innovation should be encouraged. Ideally, lecturers should have worked in the industry for a number of years. Small intimate classes will be a major advantage, as students have an opportunity to interact directly with their lecturers.
  • Practical work placements: A good hotel management school should have the ability to provide you with practical experience, as well as theoretical teaching. The better academies usually have relationships with hospitality establishments such as hotels, guest houses, and restaurants in the area, and they should be able to place you in the real working environment from time to time. Practical experience is very valuable when it comes to seeking work in this highly competitive environment.

If you are looking for a top hotel management course that offers national and internationally recognised qualifications, as well as unmatched practical experience, look no further than Capital Hotel School. We will be happy to answer all your questions and to guide to you towards a successful career in hotel management. Give our team a call today to find out more.

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