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When it comes to choosing a career path in life, we usually end up choosing the option that makes us excited and serves as a strong passion for us. For some, it can be the medical world, while others might enjoy pursuing a career in music. However, if you have a strong love for food and everything surrounding it, a top-class hospitality school is the perfect choice for you.

The Capital Hotel School is a very prestigious hospitality school that can kick off your career in the industry with an international qualification – empowering you to spice up that resumé with an edge to increase your chances of creating a successful career path in this industry. Nobody can guarantee your success in life, but The Capital Hotel School can certainly start you off on the right foot, and show you which direction to follow for the best outcome.

Our Part-Time Courses

Even though our full-time courses are highly accredited and can lead to exciting prospects, we also offer part-time courses to train and equip people with basic and advanced knowledge and skills in the industry. This makes The Capital Hotel School a complete hospitality school for anyone that shows interest in the field, and can be beneficial for you as well. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

  1. Cookery Course for Domestic Workers, Butlers, and Au Pairs

This course is ideal for people who need to cook on a daily basis, and can be used for preparing quality meals for two or more people. This course takes place over a period of six weeks, and consists of 4-hour classes at The Capital Hotel School. In this course, you will be trained in the basic techniques required to properly cook and prepare breakfasts, lunches, lunch boxes for the children, dinners, food for special occasions, desserts, and sweets. You will also learn the basics of serving food and how to properly set tables – handy skills that can be used daily.

  1. Advanced Diploma in Food & Beverage Service Supervision

This course covers a range of aspects, including the supervision of health, safety, and security in the workplace. Other aspects also include the supervision of staff training, food service, wine service, and customer service. At the end of this course, candidates will be required to demonstrate their supervisory skills on both theoretical and practical levels to fulfil the course requirements and receive their qualification. Successful candidates will be certified with an international specialised diploma. Industry specialists will join our top-class lecturers to present this course to our candidates, with all the learning material and equipment included to complete training programmes. Electronic support materials are also included, with all practical assessments taking place in the workplace or at The Capital Hotel School.

For more information, feel free to browse our website to find details on all our courses and other services. Contact us directly for more enquiries, and let a top-class hospitality school give you the head start you need in this industry. The Capital Hotel School will serve as your training grounds to improve your skills and equip you with new ones to prepare you for a shot at success in the field of hospitality.

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