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If you are interested in a management career path in hospitality, The Capital Hotel School is the ideal choice for you regarding your initial training and studies. It might be a daunting and very demanding industry, but it is considered the largest in the world, serving as one of the biggest employers by providing job opportunities across the world for people to excel in. If you want to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to get the ideal start in this industry, we offer a selection of courses to get you there.

Hospitality Management 

One of our full-time courses that spans over a period of two years is our hospitality management course. This programme is developed for people pursuing a management position in one of the three front-of-house departments of the hospitality industry. This qualification combines elements from hospitality management, accommodation services, reception, food preparation and services, HR, and business management principals, in order to deliver one of the most complete and extensive courses in hospitality management.

This qualification can be applied in all sectors of hospitality management, including sports facilities, lodges, hotels, and tour operators. To be successful in this business, you will need strong social skills and proper management qualities in your arsenal, as articulation with gaming, travel, and tourism comes into play in this course. Provided that you have the necessary requirements and the motivation to see everything through, you will be placed and monitored at leading conference venues, hotels, and restaurants in Pretoria while you study. This will give you practical experience and will allow you to hit the ground running once your studies are complete.

Course Content 

Since this is one of the most comprehensive hospitality management courses available in Pretoria, the content is quite extensive. Theoretical and practical components are incorporated, and draw from aspects like customer service, event management, and leadership skills, to improve your overall human relations skills. Other areas include managing conflict in the workplace, sound financial principles, and conducting training on the job to ensure that your knowledge of business is up to standard.

Understanding cultural diversity is key to any hospitality management position, and will help with managing conflict in the workplace and effective communication within a team – which are also part of your training in this course. A basic knowledge of labour relations will also be instilled into your programme, preparing you for almost any career in hospitality management.

If you want more details on our hospitality management course, feel free to browse our website or contact us directly with further enquiries. Enrol at The Capital Hotel School for the best training and qualifications in the hospitality industry, and get that head start you need to build a successful career.

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