Hospitality Management

Full-Time Hospitality 

When it comes to hospitality management, there is only one institution in Pretoria that will give you comprehensive insight, combined with the necessary skills and knowledge, to lay a strong foundation for people who wish to pursue a career in this demanding industry – The Capital Hotel School. With expertise in the classroom and the working environment, you will gain much more than you would bargain for. We offer a full-time hospitality management course that will take you on a journey of discovery and skills development like you have never experienced before.

Hospitality Management Qualification 

Our hospitality management course is a full-time programme that spans the course of two years to deliver the necessary groundwork and qualifications, combined with practical experience, to ensure that you are fully equipped to take on the hospitality industry and build a successful career. Not only will the course give comprehensive coverage of every aspect of hospitality management, but your acquired knowledge and skills will also be viable for every sector in this industry. 

  1. Course Content

Theoretical and practical components will form part of your course, with specific areas as the focus. Customer service, understanding cultural diversity, and effective communication within a team are key areas to improve your people skills, while basic leadership skills, conflict management in the workplace, and conducting job training will improve your skills as a leader. Event management, sound financial principles, and a basic knowledge of labour relations will empower you to effectively run and manage your own establishment, giving you the opportunity to become a young entrepreneur and face the world while standing on your own feet. 

  1. Practical Experience

The students in this programme will be placed at leading hotels, restaurants, and conference venues in and around Pretoria for first-hand practical training and experience. The Capital Hotel School has strong relationships with these establishments, and will grant the students the opportunity to have a little taste of how the industry works in today’s setting. Apart from gaining valuable experience, you will also be familiarised with what it takes to be successful in this industry and what the demands are. Once your course is complete, you will have the necessary experience and qualifications to apply for a job in the sector of hospitality management.

The Capital Hotel School offers more than just a full-time course of hospitality management, with other sectors of the industry being covered as well. Feel free to peruse our website for more information on our training programmes and courses, and contact us directly with further enquiries. Get off to the perfect start in hospitality management today, with The Capital Hotel School.

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