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Friendliness and Hospitality 

The industry of hospitality and culinary genius can be very demanding, and it will take a lot of work to be successful in either. In both cases, you will spend a lot of time and money on training and practical experience, with a big proverbial mountain to climb in order to get to where you want to be. This is where The Capital Hotel School can make a considerable difference in your journey to become the next big chef, or successfully run one of the most pristine hotels in the world.

Apart from serving as a cooking school for aspiring chefs, we also have part-time and full-time hospitality courses to empower and equip you for a career in the hotel business. Our full-time course is very comprehensive and spans a period of two years to give you the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and experience for a strong start in the industry, but if you wish to sharpen your skills in the hospitality sector without spending two years on our full-time course, we also offer part-time hospitality courses.

November Workshops

Designed for brushing up on your skills and improving your overall knowledge in the field of hospitality, these workshops are ideal for anyone who shows interest in the specific areas and is willing to learn. These workshops are ideal for people already working in the industry, as they serve as refresher courses, and expose you to fresh information, ideas, and skills. For November, we feature some incredible workshop-styled hospitality courses, including the following:

  1. General hospitality skills and customer care

This workshop will train waiting staff in understanding the culture and expectations of national and international guests, as well as acceptable ethical behaviour towards these guests. By realising the value of teamwork and effective communication skills, people attending this workshop will experience personal growth and an increase in effectiveness in the workplace regarding customers and overall hospitality.

  1. Food and drink service at the table

An aspect that most hospitality courses will include is the proper way to wait tables. This training programme guides attendees through the basics of service skills and rules, with menu terminology and knowledge on various foods and beverages, as well as basic calculations, to improve overall service.

For more information on all the hospitality workshops, as well as part-time and full-time hospitality courses, feel free to browse our website. The Capital Hotel School can also get you started in a culinary career, with courses to give you theoretical and practical knowledge for a strong start in the industry.

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