Courses in Hotel Management

Managing, Simplified 

If you are looking for quality courses in hotel management, The Capital Hotel School is the ideal institution where you can pursue such a career. With expert lecturers to serve as your mentors, you will enjoy a professional environment where your skills and knowledge will not only be put to the test, but also developed beyond the basic steps, to ensure that you have the necessary requirements to take on the industry with confidence. As a result, you will have the opportunity to excel and work your way to the top of this demanding sector in the industry – hotel management.

Our Full-Time Course 

One of the most comprehensive courses in hotel management lies ahead with our full-time hospitality management course. The course spans a period of two years, and will focus on areas that will not only develop your skills, but also equip you with the necessary knowledge to have a solid understanding of the industry and what it demands from you. The course material will cover topics like customer services, event management, and leadership skills, which can be directly applied to certain areas of the industry.

The practical part of this course will consist of The Capital Hotel School placing each student in the proverbial field of duty. Students will be placed at affiliated hotels, restaurants, and conference venues in and around Pretoria, resulting in a combination of training and experience that will further enhance your knowledge of the industry. Should you complete the course, you will be awarded the certificates and qualifications to set you on the right path towards success in hotel management.

Our Part-Time Courses 

Even though we do not have specific part-time courses in hotel management, we offer workshops that are relative to this specific section of the industry. Our hospitality workshops are designed to train, inform, and educate people within the industry to better themselves and raise their working standards. These courses run on a monthly basis, and you are free to explore and attend them as you please. Should you already be in a hotel management position, you can send your staff for one of these training programmes to ensure that they are up to date with the latest industry trends and to improve their overall skill set.

At The Capital Hotel School, you will be empowered with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently take on the hospitality industry, whether you wish to attend courses in hotel management, cooking, or food preparation. Feel free to peruse our website for detailed information on our courses, and contact us today with more enquiries. Let The Capital Hotel School kickstart your career.

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