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One of the great enjoyments in life is food. Apart from needing food for energy and basic survival, we take pleasure in enjoying delicious food that has been properly prepared by professionals, and will even pay ridiculous amounts of money for certain dishes. As a result, the preparation of food has become an artform in many ways, with the passion of cooking running through these artists’ veins. Should you also share this passion, The Capital Hotel School is the ideal place where you can learn how to become a professional through our full-time and part-time cooking courses. Let us dive into more details regarding these courses.

Food Preparation and Cooking: National Certificate Qualification 

Starting with a full-time cooking course that takes one year to complete, you will learn the basics of food preparation within a professional environment to ensure that you have the necessary skills to apply for jobs in the industry. This course has been developed to accompany people with a Grade 10 certificate or similar qualification behind their names, and can be a viable option for early school leavers or people who never had the opportunity to finish school. This is an opportunity for these people to empower themselves with a qualification that can lead to a job in the industry.

This cooking course will cover five months of theoretical and practical training on campus, with the remaining five months spent off campus in practical training within the industry itself, which will be arranged by the Capital Hotel School. As a result, you will have an understanding of the high demands and quality the industry requires from you.

Cookery Course for Domestic Workers, Butlers, and Au Pairs 

This is one of our part-time cooking courses, and focuses on skills development over the course of six weeks at The Capital Hotel School. Classes will take place once a week, for approximately four hours per day, delivering a total of 24 hours of training and development. Your course fee will include a professional fruit and vegetable knife set, your own apron, full course material with all the recipes, refreshments, and an attendance certificate. This cooking course will also cover the basics of table setting and food service.

Throughout the programme, you will learn the basic cooking techniques to easily and confidently prepare breakfasts, lunches, lunch boxes for the children, dinners, meals for special occasions, and desserts. As a result, you will get a comprehensive introduction to professional food preparation and cooking, which can serve as a strong foundation to try one of our full-time cooking courses, should you be interested in improving your skills and building a career in the hospitality industry.

At The Capital Hotel School, we equip our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the hospitality industry. Should you be interested in one of our many cooking courses, feel free to peruse our website for more information, and contact us today with any enquiries. Choose The Capital Hotel School today, and let us give you the opportunity for a successful career within this demanding industry.

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