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Are you someone who is passionate about learning more about the hospitality and culinary arts industry, but at a loss for what to study, or even where to study? If you’re a “foodie” with a flair for baking cakes like Buddy Valastro, mastering beef like Gordon Ramsey, and experimenting with sweet and savoury gourmet dishes like Nigella, then why don’t you follow your passion and put yourself on the path to becoming a highly sought-after world-class chef?

The Life of a Chef

This is a profession that has been glamorised by the rise of reality cooking shows. The kitchen has become attractive and exciting again. However, from the outside looking in, being a chef seems like a pretty sweet job, right? From developing and testing new and inventive recipes, and sampling some of the world’s finest ingredients and sweets, to earning a world-class reputation – there is much to love about being a chef.

But, being a chef is not all about pork and veal, the perfect roasted potato, gourmet lemon cod, fondant, crêpes, and crème brûlée. Make no mistake about it – life in a commercial kitchen can be frantic, chaotic, and extremely stressful. Even though you’re getting paid to do something you absolutely love, being a chef is a demanding and challenging job that only those who are truly passionate about food and have the right training will survive and thrive in.

Your Career Prospects are Limitless

While being a chef is a tough, challenging, and demanding job, it’s also extremely rewarding. Not only do you get paid well to do something that you’re absolutely passionate about, but you also get the freedom to create your own recipes, as well as work anywhere around the world as a chef. While being a chef is a brilliant career for those who truly have a love affair with food, if you want to be the best, you need to enrol in the best chef school.

Make Your Mark in the Culinary Industry at The Capital Hotel School

There are many renowned chef schools scattered throughout South Africa, but if you happen to reside in Gauteng, you’re in luck. In operation since 2001, The Capital Hotel School is considered one of the best chef schools in Gauteng and South Africa. With campuses in Pretoria and on the Hunters Rest Estate, 12 km from Rustenburg, The Capital Hotel School will provide you with all the necessary tools and skills to make your mark in the culinary industry.

Taking great pride in our high standards of excellence, our chef school offers full-time accredited chef courses that include a 2-year Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts, a 1-year National Food Preparation and Cooking Certificate, a 2-year Patisserie Diploma, and a 1-year Food Preparation and Supervision Diploma. However, should you also want to learn the business and management side of the hospitality industry, we also offer a full-time 2-year Hospitality and Operations Management Diploma.

At The Capital Hotel School, we train you to acquire the best culinary skills. To enrol in our chef school, get in touch with us today.

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