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#MyCHSstory: Q&A with alumni Neels Bezuidenhout

When and what did you study at Capital Hotel School?

2001-2002. I studied Hospitality Management full time.


What was your favourite module to learn at Capital Hotel School?

Business Management, and the Business Plan to be specific. I remember my group introduced a concept of an on-site wellness Spa to a well-known hospitality establishment in Hartebeespoort, which I believe was later implemented with great success. This was in a time when there wasn’t a spa around every corner and under every rock.


What was the most important /valuable lesson you learnt during your studies or/and as a graduate from Capital Hotel School that you now use in your professional career?

Guest relations are applicable to every industry and in every organisation. Nothing replaces it, and you can’t imitate or fake it. Be real and do what you say you are going to do. Lastly, there is also no substitute for honest hard work.


What was the experience like getting a job after you graduated? Did you go do any practical training in another country and if so where; what was your role?

I was enrolled for a B-Com Degree with University Pretoria which was due to start 2 months after my studies were completed, but I travelled to the United Kingdom and worked as a kitchen and food and beverage assistant over the holiday break at the Southampton Park Hotel. An experience that I held in high esteem as it was my first ever overseas trip, and my first solo travelling experience. I also earned some GBP’s to boot.


How did Capital Hotel School help prepare you for your current career? 

It taught me the value of the saying by the late Albert Einstein there is no life more worth living than that which is lived in service to others.


What advice do you have for prospective students looking to study at Capital Hotel School?

Just Do it!