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First Years Praised by Capital Craft Restaurant Chef, Previn Bouwer

Our team of first year students were recently invited to showcase their skills and prepare meals for 1500 delegates at the European Union Embassies event.

Under the guidance of Chef Previn Bouwer from the Capital Craft Restaurant, the students were required to be punctual, work as a team and present dishes within the given time frame.

Given the pressure of preparing world class meals for such a large amount of delegates in an unfamiliar kitchen, Chef Previn commended the team of young chefs on their abilities to work as a team and complete each of the tasks they were given. “Some of these students worked in an unfamiliar terrain, like grilling meat on a wood braai, chopping up 16 boxes of lettuce,” says Chef Previn. “But they completed these tasks with so much flair and in high spirits”.

In addition Chef Previn emphasised the strong characteristics of passion and drive the team showed during their time in his kitchen.