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Transform Your Restaurant by Sending Your Employees for Professional Waiter Training


Now is the time to take action and transform your hotel or restaurant. Is your restaurant fulfilling its potential? Are your customers so satisfied that they keep coming back for more? Do you want to brush up on your customer service levels? Do you want to ensure that your waiters are well-trained, on point, and impressing your guests at every turn? These are thought-provoking questions, aren’t they? The good news is that even if you aren’t 100% happy with your current customer service levels, all hope is not lost. With professional training, you can ensure that your customers’ needs are catered to meticulously, and with the perfect attitude and approach.


Poor Waitering Skills Can Ruin Your Establishment’s Image

Customers place a great deal of emphasis on the type of service they receive. Sometimes, even the most scrumptious of meals won’t be very impressive if the waiter is distracted, clumsy, and offers a lacklustre personality and approach. Luckily, waitering skills and techniques can be taught and learnt. Waiter training can provide both the employer and waiter with the confidence that’s needed for a business to grow and shine in the hospitality industry.


Training Courses at Capital Hotel School

At Capital Hotel School, we offer courses aimed at individuals currently working in the food and beverage industries of hotels, restaurants, bars, and similar. The course is designed to help people advance their education and earn a qualification in the industry. Only learners who are currently employed in the industry are invited to participate in this particular course. To attend the course, there is a minimum requirement. Students must have completed and passed the tenth grade or have achieved a higher level of education.


Hospitalit-e Waiter Training

Waiter training of this kind is offered as part of our Hospitalit-e training programme. Hospitalit-e is a method of blended learning. By this we mean that students combine online studies with physical lectures. Why do we do this? It’s quite simple. This type of study programme allows the ultimate flexibility for students who are working, as they can study in their free time and around their work schedule. When an employer enrols an individual in the course, they can be sent daily and weekly progress reports, in order to keep an eye on the student’s studies. There is no need to worry about employees being away from work for long periods of time. To keep things simple and convenient, we schedule venues, dates, and times for contact sessions with assessors and moderators well in advance.


Apply Now

Are you a waiter looking to learn new skills and brush up on your knowledge in hospitality? Do you employ waiters and want to provide them with the opportunity to learn more? Waiter training courses at Capital Hotel School is the answer. We warmly welcome you to apply for courses online. Alternatively, you can contact us via email or telephone to discuss your situation, and gather further course advice and information.


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