Perfect My Cooking Skills

How Do I Perfect My Cooking Skills to Get a Job in Hospitality?

If you have a knack for cooking and want to hone and show off your skills, you are probably wondering what your career options are. The good news is that the hospitality industry is hungry for great cooks, chefs, and pastry chefs, but first, you have to brush up on your skills and be fully prepared for what the industry has in store for you. To help, check out our “Perfect My Cooking Skills for the Hospitality Industry” FAQ section below:


  • I am just looking for a well-paying job – any job will do. Should I get a job as a chef in the hospitality industry?

No! That’s the short answer. Being a chef or cook is somewhat of an art and only those who have a love for it should further it. As a chef, you will have to work under pressure and have creative skills to ensure that your delectable meals and desserts are presented in a tantalising way. You will need an in-depth knowledge of food preparation, cooking techniques, pairing, and more.

  • I absolutely love cooking. How do I perfect my cooking skills to get a job in hospitality?

Great! This is a good start. If you have a love for cooking and creating delectable treats, you’re just the type of person the hospitality industry is looking for. To perfect your cooking skills, there are various courses that you can complete. Some of these are short cooking courses and others are longer and more in-depth. You should have a look at our Introduction to Professional Cookery which is a 1-year study period with a national qualification. Another great course is our Professional Chef Qualification, which is a 3-year course with a qualification that is recognised nationally and internationally.

  • I love creating delicious pastries, but don’t particularly want to be a chef. Are there courses that can help me perfect my cooking skills as a pastry chef?

Pastry chefs are valued in the hospitality industry. Once qualified, you can work in a boutique hotel, restaurant, catering company, events company, or similar. You can hone your skills and passion for pastry by attending our 18-month Pastry course which ensures a qualification that’s recognised nationally and internationally.


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