Chef Courses

Make Your Passion a Reality with Internationally Accredited Chef Courses  Are you a lover of food? Do you love food so much that you can see yourself making a career out of it? Or, have you long dreamed of opening up your very own catering business or restaurant? If you are someone who would rather spend your Friday or Saturday night at home watching cooking shows that feature Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsey, Nigella, or Marco Pierre White, then you’ve been bitten by the bug. So why not make your p …

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Top Hotel School

Get Your Hospitality Qualifications at a Top Hotel School  The hospitality industry is a hard one – you have to be highly energetic and be passionate about what you do, or you won’t be able to deal with the long hours and attention to detail that is required in this industry. It is all about perfection – giving the client or the customer the perfect experience, whether it is food, accommodation or service. Because this is such a massive industry, there is also a lot of competition, so you have a …

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Food Preparation Courses

How to Choose the Right Place to Study Food Preparation Courses  The world of hospitality is a very large one, and the tourist and hospitality industries are often two of the biggest industries in a lot of countries. This means that there is a wide variety of jobs on offer. It also means that there is a lot of competition in these industries, and especially in the food industry. Starting out at entry level can be hard – often, you are relegated to dishwasher and you have to work your way up into …

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Hotel Management

Kick Off Your New Career with a Hotel Management Qualification!  If you are interested in the world of hospitality, South Africa is one of the best places to study hotel management, food preparation and cooking, and other hospitality-related courses. In an ever-changing industry where customer demands and desires are at the top of the list, this country is one of the hot spots to study and work at the moment. The world of hotel management is one that changes rapidly. However, the South African h …

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Hospitality Courses

Friendliness and Hospitality  The industry of hospitality and culinary genius can be very demanding, and it will take a lot of work to be successful in either. In both cases, you will spend a lot of time and money on training and practical experience, with a big proverbial mountain to climb in order to get to where you want to be. This is where The Capital Hotel School can make a considerable difference in your journey to become the next big chef, or successfully run one of the most pristine hot …

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Cooking Courses

Learn How to Cook  One of the great enjoyments in life is food. Apart from needing food for energy and basic survival, we take pleasure in enjoying delicious food that has been properly prepared by professionals, and will even pay ridiculous amounts of money for certain dishes. As a result, the preparation of food has become an artform in many ways, with the passion of cooking running through these artists’ veins. Should you also share this passion, The Capital Hotel School is the ideal place wh …

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Hospitality Management

Full-Time Hospitality  When it comes to hospitality management, there is only one institution in Pretoria that will give you comprehensive insight, combined with the necessary skills and knowledge, to lay a strong foundation for people who wish to pursue a career in this demanding industry – The Capital Hotel School. With expertise in the classroom and the working environment, you will gain much more than you would bargain for. We offer a full-time hospitality management course that will take yo …

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Courses in Hotel Management

Managing, Simplified  If you are looking for quality courses in hotel management, The Capital Hotel School is the ideal institution where you can pursue such a career. With expert lecturers to serve as your mentors, you will enjoy a professional environment where your skills and knowledge will not only be put to the test, but also developed beyond the basic steps, to ensure that you have the necessary requirements to take on the industry with confidence. As a result, you will have the opportunit …

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Hospitality School

Welcome to the Machine  When it comes to choosing a career path in life, we usually end up choosing the option that makes us excited and serves as a strong passion for us. For some, it can be the medical world, while others might enjoy pursuing a career in music. However, if you have a strong love for food and everything surrounding it, a top-class hospitality school is the perfect choice for you. The Capital Hotel School is a very prestigious hospitality school that can kick off your career in …

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Hospitality Management Courses

Management Made Easy  If you are interested in a management career path in hospitality, The Capital Hotel School is the ideal choice for you regarding your initial training and studies. It might be a daunting and very demanding industry, but it is considered the largest in the world, serving as one of the biggest employers by providing job opportunities across the world for people to excel in. If you want to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to get the ideal start in this industry, we …

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