Hotel Management Course

Attend a 2-Year Full-Time Hotel Management Course Hotel management is not for the fainthearted. If you are thinking about following a career in hotel management, keep in mind that it’s a stressful working environment that expects you to be on your feet, thinking fast, and handling a myriad of tasks and responsibilities with meticulous care and efficiency. All of this must also be done with an air of grace and organised professionalism. While some people are born to lead, no one is simply born to …

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Butler Training

Become a Butler with Training Courses to Learn Basic Cooking, Serving, and Table Setting Techniques Are you looking for a career in hospitality? Have you ever considered becoming a highly skilled and qualified butler? Well, now is your chance to realise your dreams in the industry with training courses offered by Capital Hotel School. Being a butler requires a passion for people and service excellence. It is a job well-suited to those who like to deal with people and make their day-to-day experi …

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Hospitality Management Courses

Hospitality Management Courses Aimed at Aspiring Students The hospitality industry is busy and vibrant, which makes it an exciting one. It’s not for everyone, but if you are a person who loves to work with people, help people, meet new people, and provide an unmatched exceptional experience for others, the industry is certainly for you! With the right dedication and focus, you will be going places fast. If you’re considering a career in the industry, have a strong, confident personality, and can …

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Pastry Chef Courses

Our Internationally Recognised Course for Aspiring Pastry Chefs Pastry chefs are highly regarded in the food industry. This type of chef is someone who is not only trained, but also highly skilled in the making of delectable pastries, breads, puddings, and other baked goods. You have definitely encountered the artwork of pastry chefs in the past. These include those delicious things you treat yourself to, such as ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, pies, and tarts. If you have a love for creati …

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Cooking Training for the Hospitality Industry

Cooking Training for the Hospitality Industry Do you have a flair for cooking, and love to whip up delectable meals to share with family and friends? Do you feel a yearning to follow a career in cooking? If you are passionate about cooking, and want to advance in the field, cooking training is a necessity. To get a position as a top chef, or even as a cook in a quaint restaurant, you will need to have the qualifications and training to support you, and to help you get a foot in the door. Working …

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Study Towards a Hotel Management Degree in South Africa

Study Towards a Hotel Management Degree in South Africa It does not matter how organised you are, or how much management experience you have, running a hotel is a challenging task and requires formal training. A hotel management degree will fully prepare you for the role of a successful hotel manager, and at Capital Hotel School, we have just the course for you to attend. If you have a specific interest in hospitality, you are in just the right place. South Africa is one of the top destinations …

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Enrol in Patisserie Courses in South Africa

Enrol in Patisserie Courses in South Africa Marco Pierre White, a celebrity chef, who has even been referred to as “the godfather of modern cooking” by Australian Masterchef, once said: “Cooking is a philosophy not a recipe, unless it’s pastry and then it’s chemistry!” We could not agree more. At Capital Hotel School, we believe that a chef is only as good as their application of basic cookery methods, and we endeavour to teach these basics. and a whole lot more, to students entering the field o …

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Pastry Chef Courses to Kick-Start Your Career

Creating these pastries takes time, effort, and skill, which is probably why most people don’t often make these at home. Each pastry is an artistic creation with a delectable taste to match. It’s obvious that making them takes skill and attention to detail. Who do we have to thank for these delicious treats? Your local pastry chef, of course! Pastry chefs certainly receive a lot of praise and glory, and for good reason! The job of a pastry chef is not easy and while someone might be born with a …

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How Can Hospitality Management Courses Help You?

So, you have chosen a career in hospitality and you are confronted with a multitude of courses to choose from. Obtaining a qualification and the required skills in the industry is essential if you want to advance in your chosen career path. In the hospitality and tourism sector however, the choices appear unlimited, so it can seem overwhelming. Hospitality management courses are a popular choice for many because they open many doors. There are various fields within the hospitality industry that …

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Get Qualified with Our Hotel Staff Training Programme & Enjoy a Career in Hospitality

Are you keen to work in a hotel or similar establishment? A career in the hospitality industry is bound to be an exciting and busy one. Hardly anyone can decide that they want to follow a career in hospitality and then just walk into a good job. Without the right training, even the most people-loving of persons can fail in the industry. By attending a modern hotel staff training programme, you can boost your career in the hospitality industry and find your dream job. Whether your dream is to wor …

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