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Here’s How to Check Off Your New Year’s Resolutions and Finally Learn to Cook

The new year is the best time to start afresh. While plenty of individuals set resolutions, which may seem close to impossible, not many will see them through to the end. If your New Year’s resolution includes finding a way to up your culinary skills, then this too may seem a daunting challenge. Rest assured, anyone (yes, anyone!) can learn to cook, and it need not take up more than a few minutes each day.

Improving your skills in the kitchen comes with a few benefits too. Firstly, you will save lots of money by using ingredients that are in season. Cooking at home is far more affordable than eating out each night. It is also the perfect opportunity to start eating healthier – no more deep-fried, processed foods which do more harm than good. Not only will you begin unleashing your creativity, but your wallet and body will thank you too. So, if you want to learn, but have no idea where to start, then below are some simple tips to finally make those resolutions a reality.

Start with Easy Recipes

Some recipes are easily made with five ingredients or less, and really do not require any specialised expertise. Fortunately, there are many online resources available to help you transform those meagre ingredients in the fridge into scrumptious meals.

Keep Practicing and Exploring

Don’t let a failed omelette or three throw you off course – cooking is an art and practise leads to perfection. Start with smaller tasks you find challenging and work your way up as you learn. Those looking to learn how to cook will find that research is their friend and with enough practise, the techniques and skills will come as second nature. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new herbs and spices and discover exciting cuisine from cultures across the world. Cookery is cookery once you are familiar with the basics.

Attend a Short Course

The fastest way to upskill in the kitchen is by attending a class. Here you will be surrounded by novices just like yourself and a facilitator who will assist you with all your questions. You could also learn to cook with a friend or spouse, and have tons of fun acquiring a skill for which you might just develop a passion.

This year, we at the Capital Hotel School have many exciting, short cookery classes planned. New recipes and trendy culinary techniques will allow you to fulfil your goals and finally transform you into a master chef of note.

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