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The Best Way to Get Your Hotel Management Degree in 2019


If like thousands of other South Africans you got your matric results at the beginning of 2019, then you would know that now is the time to kickstart your future. For some, having a path neatly laid out is not possible and finding something to do becomes a large and formidable mountain to climb. On the other hand, some prospective students certainly know what they would love to do but have not found the right place to do it yet. If either of those descriptions sound like you, have you considered a degree in hotel management?


What Is Hotel Management?

Hotel management is not the type of job that can be described in a sentence or two. The hotel management field is so varied that it can cater to every personality type under the sun. In short, hotel management is a position that requires the management of hotel employees (from kitchen staff to cleaners), marketing and administering hotel services, and functional operations of the hotel. If this sounds like a challenging job, that is because it is.


Why Study Towards Hotel Management?

Studying towards a hotel management degree is going to give you a definitive edge over other job seekers in the field. Not all hotels require that their managers have any further qualifications, but those who do have qualifications get better jobs, better salaries, and climb higher in their chosen field. Having a degree behind your name is a way to step into the workforce with confidence and expertise.


Where Can I Study Towards My Hotel Management Degree?

If you have decided that a hotel management degree is the right qualification for you, then Capital Hotel School has a few options for you to choose from. At Capital Hotel School, our programme includes short courses, courses for beginner students, and in-service staff training.

One of our best courses is our Hospitality and Operations Diploma, which is a full-time, 2-year course (with an optional third year). In this course, students will be able to master all aspects of modern accommodation services, such as front office reception, housekeeping, food and beverage services, human resource management, and even sound business management principles and practices. The course is designed to give our students all they need in order to handle customer services with extreme care, while smoothly running the accommodation facility.

What sets Capital Hotel School apart is our focus on cultural awareness, building up leadership skills, and instilling a basic knowledge of labour relations. By promoting ethical business practices and effective communication within a team, we aim to create well-rounded hotel managers who can compete with the best in the world. Our courses are also all compliant with accreditation requirements that offer all our students the opportunity to upskill themselves and acquire the full qualifications needed within their field of hospitality or cookery.

If you are interested in furthering your education with the Capital Hotel School, why not contact us today?


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