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If Food Preparation Is Your Passion, Have a Look at Our Courses


Being a foodie, and enjoying the occasional cooking show is one thing, but some people truly have a gift for the culinary arts. If you find that your passion lies within this field, then Capital Hotel School has more than one option for you. It goes without saying that food preparation courses are a great way to give you an advantage over your competition in this ever-popular industry. Below, we have outlined some of the courses we have on offer.


Professional Chef Qualification – Beginner Students


This is a national and international diploma in the culinary arts aimed at providing aspiring chefs with the fundamental groundwork needed to succeed in their field. This course tackles topics, such as basic cooking methods and principles, culinary French, events management, conflict management and teamwork, cultural diversity, basic management practices, principles in human resources, budgeting, food costing, wastage, as well as pilferage and storage.


Patisserie – Beginner Students


Students who are considering being pastry chefs, or using pastry skills and techniques within their chosen line of work, will greatly benefit from this diploma. The full-time course not only focuses on patisserie techniques and cookery methods, but aims to train students to specialise in creating masterful pastries. This course is also nationally and internationally recognised.


Introduction to Professional Cookery – Beginner Students


This full-time, year-long course is a nationally recognised certification that allows its students to gain credits towards the more advanced food preparation courses. This qualification focuses on the foundations of the culinary arts, and allows students practical work experience for up to 16 weeks. Theoretical training will ensure that aspiring occupational chefs are one step closer to reaching their dreams. This is a wonderful starter course for a wide spectrum of unemployed persons and those who have recently left school.


Students doing food preparation courses are also placed and monitored in established hotels, restaurants, and conference venues in order to gain valuable practical experience, leaving them feeling confident when entering a new work environment.  Employable, work-ready students often go on to make the biggest impact in their fields. If you are interested in one of our food preparation courses for beginner students, but still feel unsure of what direction you wish to take, feel free to download our “Career Guide” document, as well as our “Career Q&A” on our website. These documents aim to assist you on your journey of self-discovery, and help you to fine-point exactly which career may suit your personality best.

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