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Your life really begins after high school, which means you have some tough decisions to make. Some people immediately join the workforce, while others take gap years. If you are fortunate enough to know what you want to do with the rest of your life, however, then it’s best to grab every opportunity with both hands. For those interested in studying at a hospitality or culinary school in Pretoria, you could not have picked a better place!

Who We Are

We, at Capital Hotel School, have centred our education and training programmes around hospitality. Hospitality is a broad term, but it includes culinary classes and hotel management – and everything else in between. At the heart of this industry lies a passion for serving people and going the extra mile in order for them to enjoy an experience.

It is this passion that comes through in each of our courses, lecturers, and the environment we have created. Our exceptional reputation in Pretoria (and the country at large) and our drive towards distinction mean that we get students ready for a dynamic and fast-paced workforce. Equipping each student with real-world knowledge is essential to us, and we strive for nothing less than excellence.

Courses for Beginner Students

We have several full-time courses for beginner students in Pretoria. These are ideal for school-leavers or those who wish to set apart most of their day for their studies. Some of these programmes include practical training at establishments to offer students a hands-on learning experience. Many of our courses provide an international qualification too, which means they are recognised overseas. These courses include:

  • Introduction to Professional Cookery (one year)
  • Professional Chef Qualification (three years)
  • USA Hospitality Food & Beverage Service Internship (18 months)
  • Hospitality Management Programme (two years)
  • Pastry Programme (18 months)
  • Professional Chef Qualification – Specialisation Pastry (three years)


Courses for In-Service Staff

Students who are currently in-service may not have the time for a full-time course. Fortunately, we cater to such students through a blend of our Hospitalit-e platform (online) and in-class lectures. Whether you are interested in culinary training or reception skills, we have the right programme to get you where you want to be.

If you are ready to take the leap and pursue the culinary or hospitality career that you have always dreamed of, then we can help. Situated in Pretoria, our facilities are well-equipped and ready to welcome you to the exciting world of hospitality. To find out more about your desired course, feel free to fill out an online course enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Who is CHS?

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