Cooking School for Beginners

Need a Cooking School for Beginners? We’ll Teach You All You Need to Know!


Being a chef is so much more than just throwing food into a pan and cooking it. Yes, it takes talent – but more so, hard work, dedication, and training. For beginners starting out in the colourful world of cuisine, the cooking school they attend will ultimately help or hinder them in reaching their goals of becoming a professional chef.

At Capital Hotel School, our Professional Chef Qualification provides aspiring chefs with a strong foundation. We cover all the basics, as well as everything beginners need to know when it comes to food and beverage preparation, managing a kitchen, and making a success of any job within the hospitality sector. Here we discuss just some of what our school covers in this fantastic course.

The ABCs of Food Preparation

Cooking principles, proper methods, and essential techniques must be followed when working within a professional setting. Before you can start creating that phenomenal dish, you must first learn a little about nutritional science, flavour profiles, and even plating. For beginners who do not yet even know how to hold a knife, rest assured – we teach it all.

French Cuisine à la CHS

You may be wondering what France has to do with cooking (as it turns out, not French fries). French cuisine and cooking methods, however, have heavily influenced how modern restaurants prepare food. Julienne cuts, blanching, and sautéing are all French words (and techniques), so understanding French cuisine is incredibly important for aspiring chefs.

Cultural Diversity

As a professional chef, you will come into contact with people of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures, and your sensitivity to and respect for those different from you will only improve your career and personal growth. At Capital Hotel School, we have a strong focus on cultural awareness, and our multicultural classes offer plenty of opportunities to get to know students different from yourself.

How to Work as a Team

Leadership, excellent communication, and the ability to handle conflict are all skills you will need as a chef. Running a kitchen is no small feat, and working well with others is imperative to the success of the kitchen.

Other skills this course teaches include events management, financial principles, human resource practices, and even some practical training. So, if you are ready to start a cooking course for beginners, our institution is the place to be. To enrol, apply online now or feel free to contact us for assistance.

Who is CHS?

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