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Our Cooking Courses Will Bring Out the Professional Chef in You


At Capital Hotel School, we believe that anyone can make their dreams come true, and we know what it takes to get there. For our students who aspire to be chefs, we offer national and international certifications in cooking courses to ensure that every one of them can make their dream careers a reality.


Within our courses (full-time and short courses) we cover a range of topics, including basic cooking techniques and culinary methods, as well as professionalism, work ethic, and business skills. If you feel you have what it takes to become a head chef at a five-star restaurant, have a look below at some of the traits a professional chef needs to have to make it big in the business.


Dynamic and Flexible

As a highly skilled and professional chef, you won’t just be stuck preparing food all day. Your position will require you to fill a number of positions and take on several roles. Not only will you create dishes and menus, but you will also be responsible for staff hiring, training, and supervision, as well as quality control of all food products. Checking inventory and maintaining health and safety practices will also be a part of your unending list of job requirements. So many responsibilities require a flexible adaptability in order to keep up the pace.


Stamina and Quick-Thinking

Long hours, manual labour, high-pressure situations, and sometimes strange working hours all culminate in a job that expects tireless stamina. Improvisation, thinking on your feet, and not folding under pressure are all skills that come in handy when faced with a kitchen crisis.


Leadership and Organisation Skills

As head chef, you will need to take responsibility for the kitchen staff who work under your wing. Part of your job will be to offer guidance, coaching, and direction to all employees in the kitchen, in order to ensure maximum productivity, staff morale, and overall job satisfaction. Multicultural awareness, outstanding interpersonal skills, and commitment to excellence are what create the ideal environment within a chef’s kitchen.


Creativity and Passion

Passion is contagious, so as a leader, you will need to display passion for your profession in order to inspire others to do the same. From passion flows creativity – a skill which chefs must excel in if they wish to craft delectable dishes to the delight of their customers.


If the above sounds a bit overwhelming, remember that these are all skills that can be acquired through practice. At Capital Hotel School, our comprehensive cooking courses aim to leave each student chef feeling confident enough in their skill sets to take on the world.

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