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Are Cooking Classes on Your Bucket List? We Can Help!


With the start of each new year, many people enjoy reflecting on areas in which they can improve and often set a goal to upskill in this department. For some, the arena in which growth is most needed is cooking. Not only is cooking a life skill, but it is also a way for families, friends, and strangers to come together and connect. Preparing and enjoying food together is a great way to bond and build relationships while having fun. This is what makes taking up cooking classes such a good idea.


Reasons to Take Cooking Classes

With the countless advantages of learning how to cook, we can’t think of any reasons not to. Learning the art of food preparation is the best way to leave ready-made meals in the past and look forward to healthy meals that you can prepare for yourself and your loved ones. Educating yourself in the culinary arts will also train your palate to appreciate all the fine nuances that go into gastronomy and move away from drenching everything in unhealthy condiments. Making food is a necessary life skill that should continue to improve for the rest of your life, and it’s also a great way to explore your creativity and intuition.


Our Guarantee of Excellence

At Capital Hotel School, we pride ourselves on the excellent training programmes we have created. Our courses are full time, part time or available to in-service staff through our Hospitalit-e learning platform. This means that regardless of what your schedule looks like, you will be able to follow your dream of learning the ins and outs of food preparation. Not only do our courses equip our students to become confident chefs through practical and theoretical training, but we also offer extensive instruction on topics such as cultural awareness, sound business practices, human resources, and management in the workplace. Our food preparation training programmes are much more popular than basic cooking classes because of the opportunities that present themselves upon the completion of our courses.

If you would like to work towards being a chef, improve your current skill set, or learn the very basics as a beginner student, we will have a course that is right for you. Contact us via email or check out our Facebook page for more information on the courses and events you can look forward to.

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