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Interested in Cookery Courses? Find Your Passion at Capital Hotel School!


Whether fresh out of high school, currently working, or just in need of a total change in direction, taking a cookery course is one of the simplest ways in which a person can rediscover their passion for something or hone their skills after years of amateur practice. Cookery may even seem a bizarre subject to study, but once you realise that the hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in our country (and worldwide), you will understand how many job opportunities lay before someone with such a qualification.


At Capital Hotel School, we are fully aware of the ins and outs of the industry, the pitfalls to watch out for, and the ever-changing international standards. Completing a course with us means that you will be held up to a standard of excellence, receive comprehensive, fundamental groundwork in cooking disciplines, and learn to manage a kitchen effectively. If you are on the fence about studying cookery or taking similar courses, we have compiled a list below of things to consider.


A Wealth of Knowledge

It is false to assume that taking a cookery class will only teach you about cuisine. All courses offered at Capital Hotel School aim to offer an accredited hospitality education that approaches your chosen career holistically. This means we do not only teach you the basic theory, but that you are also exposed to a multicultural environment in which you can learn from others, take part in community upliftment, and understand management, kitchen protocol, and even health and safety standards. Taking one of our cookery courses is not just going to improve your food preparation skills, but also prepare you for the professional world in which a chef can successfully thrive.


Improving Your Palate

Expanding your comfort zone is extremely beneficial to your growth as a person – just like expanding the list of ingredients you cook with is essential for any aspiring chef. Cookery courses not only teach you about new techniques when preparing familiar food, but they also open a whole new world of flavour. Alternative foods like sushi, haggis, and caviar may seem strange to the taste buds of some, but imagine if you were at a place where you were comfortable enough to try most foods at least once and appreciate their composition. Part of doing a cookery course means that you get to discover new and interesting cuisine to relish.


You’ll Fulfil Your Dream of Cooking Like a Professional

If cooking is your forte, you may have heard a few people exclaim: “You should open your own restaurant!” On the flipside, you might have noticed loved ones having a near-death experience after trying one of your latest concoctions. Whatever your reasons for improving your cooking skills, taking one of Capital Hotel School’s cookery courses will give you the edge you need to feel like you can keep up with national and international standards of cuisine preparation.


Finally – you will have fun. Doing anything within the line of your passion is a sure-fire way to have a blast while you work, which means that it isn’t really work at all. If you are interested in one of our cookery courses, feel free to download one of our online brochures for more information.

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