Christmas Cookery Classes

Get Ready for that Christmas Family Gathering with Our Short Cookery Classes


Anyone who has hosted a Christmas celebration knows that there is nothing more special than getting together with family and friends. For South Africans, food is what bonds us, binds us, and creates intimate and fond memories. It stands to reason, then, that the best way to succeed in your holiday festivity endeavours is to make a mouth-watering meal that brings everyone together. Celebrating with food, of course, is only fun if the food is good. So, if the annual holidays often find you the host of such a special occasion, and you would like to get your skills in the kitchen up to date, why not join one of our short cookery classes?

What Our Short Courses Involve

Throughout the year, we run several classes aimed at equipping individuals with essential culinary skills (which will undoubtedly come in handy over the Christmas holidays). Just about anyone can join in on the fun – from amateurs to professionals looking to sharpen up their skills. Our culinary classes not only teach students theory and practical skills, but also keep up with international culinary trends. You can be sure that what you learn with us is fresh, current, and in keeping with what all the professionals are doing.

The Types of Courses We Offer

Our cookery classes cover a range of topics, so it is best to look out for one that will interest you. So far, we have offered cuisine training on just about everything, such as soups, desserts, cooking vegetarian meals, fish, and how to prepare meat (a Christmas favourite across many households). To find out if we plan on offering a course in line with your needs, simply drop us a message and we will let you know.

What You Will Receive

Our creative and entertaining cookery classes are affordable and work well for those who work or study full-time. Usually, we run these courses in an afternoon and go through tons of useful information and techniques. Our groups are small and interactive, so you can explore and ask questions as you learn. Should you wish to pre-order one, we have an optional starter kit available, which includes a chef’s knife, branded butcher’s apron, and a fabric chef’s hat – all perfect for impressing your Christmas guests. You can also take your pick of our selection of coffee, tea, or a relaxing glass of wine.

Get in Touch with Us

Home-style, Christmas cooking does not need to be a daunting challenge each year. Our short cookery courses will teach you to cook with finesse, confidence, and flair. Attend enough, and you will soon display the same expertise as a professional chef – without spending thousands on a full-time course. For those who do finally find their passion for the culinary arts, however, we offer a range of qualifications that will make your dreams of becoming a head chef come true. To find out more about our short cookery classes, beginner courses, and certifications for in-service staff, do not hesitate to contact us today. Accomplishing your dreams is well within your reach today – you simply have to take the leap.

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