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Exploring the Schooling Opportunities that Lie Ahead for Prospective Chefs


It is rare that someone finds their calling of a lifetime and has no doubt about what they wish to do with their life. While such lucky few know the line of work they wish to flourish in, they don’t often consider the specific details of their chosen profession. Making an informed decision about your passion now can help you land your dream job sooner than later. For an aspiring chef, there are numerous pathways to choose from, and in a country like South Africa where the hospitality industry is booming – the opportunities are endless.


At Capital Hotel School, we train and educate those who are passionate about the hospitality industry – this includes cooking fine cuisine. The staff at our school understands that every person is gifted and can share that gift with the world, which is what brings true fulfilment to people. For a young and upcoming chef, sifting through all the options out there can seem overwhelming, which is why finding the right chef school is essential. The Capital Hotel School not only offers several nationally and internationally accredited food preparation courses, but also truly takes interest in your growth and personal development, confidence in professional lines of work, and the honing of your leadership and management skills. So, what are the options that a prospective chef can look forward to after attaining a qualification? Let’s have a look.


Types of Chefs in the Culinary Profession


  • Commis Chef – An entry-level line cook that works in a kitchen alongside other chefs. Although hard work, this is a great way to gain practical experience of how a kitchen runs.


  • Station Chef – A station chef or Chef de Partie is a chef that has a designated part of the kitchen they must attend to, such as soups, desserts, or salads.


  • Sous Chef – This type of chef is second-in-command to the head chef and has a larger set of micromanaging responsibilities than a commis chef.


  • Head Chef – Also called a Chef de Cuisine. This is a highly skilled professional who has mastered kitchen management, food preparation, and day-to-day kitchen operations.


  • Pastry Chef – Also known as a Patissier, a pastry chef is a chef who focuses solely on the preparation/baking of pastries and cakes.


This list is by no means complete, but a mere glimpse of the options available to those who wish to pursue the exciting and dynamic career of a chef. If you are interested in culinary courses and kitchen management, have a look at some of our online brochures or our school today.

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