Chef Qualifications

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Make Your Dream of Becoming a Chef Come True with Capital Hotel School

Cooking shows and culinary competitions have really brought the world of culinary arts to the forefront in the last decade or so. The natural consequence thereof is how many prospective chefs this has inspired. If you, like many others before you, have come to the realisation that your calling in life is to be a chef, then the next step is to find out how.


Getting the Right Qualifications

Having a paper behind your name isn’t a strict requirement – many chefs in the field have been quite successful without any formal training, but it’s not easy at all. The food preparation industry is a competitive one, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get ahead if you don’t have previous experience or training at a culinary school. Attaining the right qualifications not only gives you the edge needed to land the job you’ve always wanted, but it also leaves you feeling confident and work-ready when entering this high-paced industry.


The Capital Hotel School Can Help

At the Capital Hotel School, we offer courses to cover everything you need to know when becoming a chef. Our unique teaching methods and emphasis on practical training create a learning environment aimed at holistic growth for each of our students. All our extensive programmes are presented by skilled facilitators who strive to inspire their students to embrace the art of hospitality and become the best in their chosen lines of work.


Professional Chef Qualification

For aspiring chefs, our most popular course is our Professional Chef Qualification. This course is a 3-year Culinary Arts Diploma (recognised nationally and internationally), which provides the fundamental groundwork that every chef needs. The qualification covers topics such as cooking principals and methods, French cooking, events management, basic business management and human resources practices, cultural diversity, and financial principals that relate to the food preparation industry. This course also includes practical training where chefs are placed at restaurants, hotels, and other leading establishments.


Introduction to Professional Cookery

This year-long, full-time programme is a crash course on how to become an occupational chef. This qualification offers students the chance to study towards more advanced certifications, while laying down the foundation for understanding the culinary world. During this year, students are placed at various establishments for 16 weeks, in order to take part in their extensive practical training. Students that are looking to qualify as chefs will, therefore, benefit from this qualification.

If you are interested in the above qualifications or any of our short or in-staff training courses, get the ball rolling and contact us today.

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