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6 Types of Careers You Can Explore with a Hospitality Qualification

A 2019 economic impact report released by the World Travel & Tourism Council revealed some interesting findings. Did you know, for example, that around 319 000 000 jobs are currently upheld by the world’s travel and tourism industry? That’s 10% of the total global employment. Or, how about the fact that one out of five global net careers established in the last five years came from this same sector too? The bottom line is that the hospitality industry is thriving, and those who join along for the ride have a good chance of finding success.

If you want to get in on the action and not miss out on any of the opportunities that await you, then there is no reason to waste any time. We do know, however, that the hospitality industry is broad and varied, which is why we will walk you through some potential types of careers below.

  1. Hospitality Management

Most people don’t realise how dynamic, fast-paced, and exciting this branch is. Jobs in financial management, human resources, and even public relations fall into this category. It requires people skills, adaptability, and plenty of confidence.

  1. Hospitality Services and Operations

If management is the “face” of hospitality, then services and operations are the body. Careers here include everything from front-office reception and customer care, to event coordination and hosting. These are the individuals who run around behind the scenes, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

  1. Luxury Accommodation

Luxury accommodation is an industry with which we are all familiar. There are also plenty of opportunities for meeting interesting people and earning great money. Whether you run your own bed and breakfast or work on a private charter, chances are good that you will never be bored.

  1. The Food and Beverage Services Industry

The food and beverage industry always has and likely always will continue to grow – people need to eat. With a suitable qualification in hospitality, you can explore careers such as waiting tables in fine-dining establishments or opportunities within the culinary arts.

  1. Entertainment Industry

If you are passionate about sparking joy wherever you go (and would not mind rubbing shoulders with some celebrities while you do it), then the entertainment industry is just up your alley. Careers within entertainment hospitality include managing function venues, event coordination, VIP services, and lodging or lifestyle services for entertainers.

  1. Wellness Services and Medical Accommodation

If you are all about promoting optimal health and wellbeing, then you would enjoy working at a fitness centre, wellness clinic, day spa, or even a retirement village. This hands-on work requires empathetic individuals who enjoy serving others in need of physical and mental rest or recovery.

Not everyone is cut out to pursue careers like these, but those who are, find immense meaning and fulfilment from them. If you would like to find out more about attaining a qualification that will give you a head start in the right direction, then we warmly welcome you to fill out an application today.


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