Become a Part-time Chef

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Become a Part-Time Chef with Our Exciting Courses

Being a chef is a fulfilling, engaging, and fast-paced experience. For individuals who want to become a chef but cannot manage under the strain of the rest of their lifestyle, one option is to become a part-time chef. There are many reasons why one would opt to become a part-time chef instead of working at an establishment full time, such as the following:

  • Stay-at-home parents who want a stimulating job on the side.
  • Aspiring head chefs who need to work and study at the same time.
  • Individuals who are physically incapable of working full-day hours.
  • Someone who wants to get a feel for what kind of chef work would be most suitable in relation to individual strengths.


At Capital Hotel School, we offer courses that accommodate the individual needs of our students, so that you can study towards becoming a qualified chef and work the kind of hours that suit you best. Below are some of the certifications we offer to get you started on your dream.

Full-Time Courses for Beginner Students

Our full-time courses run from 18 months to 3 years and offer a variety of qualifications. These courses include Hospitality & Operations Management, a Professional Chef Qualification, an Introduction to Professional Cookery, and a national and international qualification in Pastry.


In-Service Staff Courses for Working Individuals

Capital Hotel School also offers blended training programmes that combine our online learning platform, Hospitalit-e, and assisted lecture times. These courses are perfect for students who are currently working and don’t have the time to enrol in a full-time course. Our in-service staff courses include Hospitality Reception, Food Preparation & Cooking, Food and Beverage Services, Food Preparation Skills, Accommodation Services, and Food Preparation Supervision.


Short Course for Basic Cookery

This short training programme (which runs over five weeks) is ideal for students who have very little knowledge of the fundamentals of food preparation. The course outlines subjects such as knife skills, seasoning and flavouring food, and cooking with confidence. Included in the classes are a chef’s knife, apron, hat, all necessary ingredients, and a cookbook with over 36 recipes.

With the diversity of qualifications offered, you can begin climbing your ladder to success without hesitation. If you would like to become a part-time or full-time chef, feel free to download our CHS brochure or contact us today for more information on the courses in which you are interested.

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