Hospitality Short Courses

Achieve Your Dreams with Our Hospitality Short Courses   Life gets busy and we know that between work, family, and recreational activities, it is almost impossible to take up a full-time study course. For prospective students who don’t have the time or finances for such courses, the Capital Hotel School has a few short hospitality courses on offer. Now, being a parent or having a job doesn’t have to get in the way of achieving your dreams.   What Is Hospitality? Hospitality as an indus …

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Hotel Management Degree

The Best Way to Get Your Hotel Management Degree in 2019   If like thousands of other South Africans you got your matric results at the beginning of 2019, then you would know that now is the time to kickstart your future. For some, having a path neatly laid out is not possible and finding something to do becomes a large and formidable mountain to climb. On the other hand, some prospective students certainly know what they would love to do but have not found the right place to do it yet. If …

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Cooking Classes

Are Cooking Classes on Your Bucket List? We Can Help!   With the start of each new year, many people enjoy reflecting on areas in which they can improve and often set a goal to upskill in this department. For some, the arena in which growth is most needed is cooking. Not only is cooking a life skill, but it is also a way for families, friends, and strangers to come together and connect. Preparing and enjoying food together is a great way to bond and build relationships while having fun. Thi …

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Chef Training

Training to Be a Chef? Here Is What You Can Expect While on the Job   So, you have decided that your passion lies in the culinary field and that nothing makes you happier than coming up with creative dishes and original flavour combinations. While training to be a chef, it may seem like a walk in the park because everything is already mapped out for you, but the reality is very different. Being a chef is one of the most high-pressure careers out there, but the rewards are worth it. If fine …

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Cooking School

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying Through a Cooking School   If you are an aspiring chef or just a fan of divine cuisine, you might have toyed with the idea of furthering your education at a cooking school. There are many benefits to kickstarting your career by enrolling at an established tertiary institution, and for those who are serious about their love of food preparation, it is the best way to enter the workforce feeling confident and prepared. If you are on the fence about at …

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Cooking Courses

Our Cooking Courses Will Bring Out the Professional Chef in You   At Capital Hotel School, we believe that anyone can make their dreams come true, and we know what it takes to get there. For our students who aspire to be chefs, we offer national and international certifications in cooking courses to ensure that every one of them can make their dream careers a reality.   Within our courses (full-time and short courses) we cover a range of topics, including basic cooking techniques and c …

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Cookery Courses

Interested in Cookery Courses? Find Your Passion at Capital Hotel School!   Whether fresh out of high school, currently working, or just in need of a total change in direction, taking a cookery course is one of the simplest ways in which a person can rediscover their passion for something or hone their skills after years of amateur practice. Cookery may even seem a bizarre subject to study, but once you realise that the hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in our co …

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Butler Training

The Type of Training Needed to Be a Butler in South Africa   An old, greying mansion, a man in a tailcoat who seems to invisibly hover over every scenario, and an abundant number of brass bells around the house to tinkle when said man is to be summoned for his next menial task. These are the images conjured when thinking of the term “butler”. The truth, however, could not be more different. In South Africa, there is a surge of school leavers and middle-aged people alike who are looking into …

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Chef School

Exploring the Schooling Opportunities that Lie Ahead for Prospective Chefs   It is rare that someone finds their calling of a lifetime and has no doubt about what they wish to do with their life. While such lucky few know the line of work they wish to flourish in, they don’t often consider the specific details of their chosen profession. Making an informed decision about your passion now can help you land your dream job sooner than later. For an aspiring chef, there are numerous pathways to …

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Food Preparation Courses

If Food Preparation Is Your Passion, Have a Look at Our Courses   Being a foodie, and enjoying the occasional cooking show is one thing, but some people truly have a gift for the culinary arts. If you find that your passion lies within this field, then Capital Hotel School has more than one option for you. It goes without saying that food preparation courses are a great way to give you an advantage over your competition in this ever-popular industry. Below, we have outlined some of the cour …

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