Learn to Cook

Here’s How to Check Off Your New Year’s Resolutions and Finally Learn to Cook The new year is the best time to start afresh. While plenty of individuals set resolutions, which may seem close to impossible, not many will see them through to the end. If your New Year’s resolution includes finding a way to up your culinary skills, then this too may seem a daunting challenge. Rest assured, anyone (yes, anyone!) can learn to cook, and it need not take up more than a few minutes each day. Improving yo …

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Festive Season Cooking

4 Festive Season Cooking Ideas to Get You Inspired for the Holidays Tired of the same, traditional meal every year? This festive season, why not add a few fresh ideas to your annual menu? Perhaps you are stuck in a rut when it comes to figuring out a new menu – or maybe your friends and family members are fussy eaters. No matter your dilemma, we at the Capital Hotel School have worked in the industry long enough to understand that festive season cooking can be a challenge for even the best of pr …

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Short Cooking Classes Pretoria

What to Look for While Researching Short Cooking Classes in Pretoria Locals who live in Pretoria are some of the most adventurous and driven individuals in the country – they build big businesses, express themselves boldly, and follow their passions fearlessly. If you are one such individual who has discovered a deep longing to explore the world of culinary arts, then starting out with short cooking classes is the best way to get the ball rolling. Within Pretoria, there are quite a few instituti …

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Christmas Cookery Classes

Get Ready for that Christmas Family Gathering with Our Short Cookery Classes   Anyone who has hosted a Christmas celebration knows that there is nothing more special than getting together with family and friends. For South Africans, food is what bonds us, binds us, and creates intimate and fond memories. It stands to reason, then, that the best way to succeed in your holiday festivity endeavours is to make a mouth-watering meal that brings everyone together. Celebrating with food, of course …

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Cooking School for Beginners

Need a Cooking School for Beginners? We’ll Teach You All You Need to Know!   Being a chef is so much more than just throwing food into a pan and cooking it. Yes, it takes talent – but more so, hard work, dedication, and training. For beginners starting out in the colourful world of cuisine, the cooking school they attend will ultimately help or hinder them in reaching their goals of becoming a professional chef. At Capital Hotel School, our Professional Chef Qualification provides aspiring …

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Culinary School Pretoria

Want a Career in Hospitality or the Culinary Arts? Check Out Our School in Pretoria   Your life really begins after high school, which means you have some tough decisions to make. Some people immediately join the workforce, while others take gap years. If you are fortunate enough to know what you want to do with the rest of your life, however, then it’s best to grab every opportunity with both hands. For those interested in studying at a hospitality or culinary school in Pretoria, you could …

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Careers in Hospitality

6 Types of Careers You Can Explore with a Hospitality Qualification A 2019 economic impact report released by the World Travel & Tourism Council revealed some interesting findings. Did you know, for example, that around 319 000 000 jobs are currently upheld by the world’s travel and tourism industry? That’s 10% of the total global employment. Or, how about the fact that one out of five global net careers established in the last five years came from this same sector too? The bottom line is th …

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Cooking School

6 Fantastic Reasons to Apply to a Cooking School   Whether you are a master at making crème brûlée or if your skills are only limited to a boiled egg, it is never too late to follow your dreams of learning to cook. While training to be a professional chef is excellent, there could be several other reasons for looking into formal studies while attending a cooking school. Some would like to improve on skills they already have, while others want to pursue a career in cookery. Regardless of you …

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Hospitality Management Courses

5 Skills Your Chosen Hospitality Management Courses Should Teach You   If you are searching for hospitality management courses online, then it is likely you will come across quite a few. While some institutions may seem to present classes that cover A to Z of hospitality management, there are five specific skills that prospective students must ensure they learn. It is these five skills that mean you will step into the industry with confidence and some useful experience behind your name. Pay …

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Hospitality Management School

How a Hospitality Management School Can Give Your Career the Boost It Needs Those leaving school or looking to explore a new career usually know the direction in which they wish to move, even if they do not yet have a specific goal in mind. For service-oriented individuals who enjoy meeting new people in dynamic and creative environments, hospitality management is ideal. The industry offers an infinite number of opportunities, and those who pursue this field of study usually find their passion a …

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