Prepare for Quality Chef Training

Prepare for Work Overseas with Quality Chef Training   If you wish to travel or work as a chef in another country, you will need an internationally recognised qualification from an esteemed hotel school. In the world of fine dining and world-class culinary institutions, the standard of training can only be judged according to recognised standards. An accredited qualification with global recognition is thus the first step toward entering the world where the cream of the crop culinary masters …

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Bring the Cooking School to Your Employees

Bring the Cooking School to Your Employees: Improve Essential Skills   Improving quality in both the front of house and the kitchen ensures higher levels of customer retention. It also reduces staff turnover. High staff turnover is often a symptom of inadequate training and the lack of essential skills. Understandably, employers don’t have the luxury of time for allowing employees weeks to months off for training at a cooking school.   What if it is possible to bring the cooking school …

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Highly Accredited Hospitality Colleges

Why Study at Highly Accredited Hospitality Colleges?   Accredited qualifications from esteemed hospitality colleges are the keys that open the doors to exciting careers within the fields of food & beverage services, accommodation, reception services, events management, housekeeping and more. But what is the importance of accreditation by CATHSSETA, QCTO, City & Guilds or the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)? Read on to discover just why you should choose hospitality colleges wher …

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Hospitality Management Courses Give Competitive Edges

Which Hospitality Management Course Provides a Competitive Edge?   With many roles and or types of jobs within the hospitality industry, career prospects remain superb. This is despite the challenges that the industry faces as a result of COVID-19 and subsequent restrictions imposed by the government. To prepare for the future of working within a post-COVID-19 industry, consider one of the top full-time hospitality management courses as introduced below. Hospitality Management Programme (Na …

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Choosing a Chef School

Top Factors to Consider in Choosing a Chef School for Full-Time Study   Do you need to consider the reputation, history and accreditation of a chef school or are these less important than the course content? The answer is that the qualification, course content, the presentation method, facilities offered, accreditation of the institution and the affiliations within the hospitality industry are all important. Factors to consider in choosing the chef school for full-time study include, but are not …

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Occupational Certificate Chef Courses

Improve Career Prospects with our online Occupational Certificate Chef Courses   If you are currently employed within the culinary industry and want to improve your career prospects, you can do so through one of our chef courses to improve your qualifications. Not only do you obtain a valuable qualification, but you learn new skills, improve on your current ones, and gain more practical experience. Our Occupational Certificate chef courses form part of the in-service training programme. Thi …

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Choosing Hospitality Colleges

How to Choose Hospitality Colleges   You have already determined that you want to follow a career in the hospitality industry or maybe you are already employed in the industry but want to improve your skills and qualifications. If so, the next step is to decide which one of the hospitality colleges is best suited to meet your study requirements. To help you get started, we discuss important factors to consider when you compare hospitality colleges in South Africa. Combination of Learning Th …

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In-Service Hospitality Management Courses

5 Benefits of In-Service Hospitality Management Courses   In-service hospitality management courses make it possible to improve individual or employee skills while working at a specific employer. If you are already working in the industry and want to improve your career prospects, consider the benefits discussed below. If you are an employer, consider the advantages of having your staff members trained at your premises. Train to Improve Quality and Prospects With many employees in the hospi …

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Top-Rated Chef Courses

Recommended Chef Courses to Specialise in Pastry   The skills of pastry chefs are in high demand when it comes to fine dining restaurants, world-class hotels, bakeries, and catering companies. The delicate art of creating sweet and pastry masterpieces can be learned through top-rated chef courses with specialisation in pastry. Capital Hotel School (CHS) recognises the importance of developing skills specifically for the preparation of desserts, baked goods, and other pastry types of food. B …

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Hospitality Management Courses and Careers

Three Careers You May Not Know About in the Hospitality Industry   The hospitality industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Regardless of the limitations imposed on the industry because of the lockdown regulations, it remains one of the largest employers of people in the world. Few industries can compete when it comes to career options and the range of courses to prepare for work within the hospitality sector. We briefly look at three of the many occupations within th …

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