What Type of Hotel Staff Training Do We Offer at CHS?

  Skill shortages in the hospitality sector continue to cost the industry money in terms of high staff turnover and losses due to not meeting customer expectations. With hotels facing yet another challenging period related to travel restrictions, it is crucial to improve employee skills. This is possible with an in-service hotel staff training programme. CHS offers a comprehensive in-service hotel staff training programme to meet the demand for quality service and adherence to hygiene and s …

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Why Choose a Chef School Offering Industry Practical Experience?

  Training at a chef school’s state-of-the-art kitchen provides valuable hands-on experience. However, without working in the kitchen of a silver-star restaurant or one of the top hotels or lodges, you don’t have any real-world experience to add to your CV. You may argue that the experience obtained in the chef school’s kitchen is sufficient. Although it does add to your benefit, you won’t necessarily work under the same daily pressures which you will face when working within an operational …

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How to Upskill Your Employees with Workplace Chef Training

  Although it may not be obvious in the front of house, back in the kitchen it can often be a challenge to meet customer service and quality expectations. Chef training is the solution, but can you afford to have your employees take study leave? At CHS, we offer you a viable solution. Chef Training at the Workplace CHS offers the Assistant Chef Skills Programme, which runs over a period of ten weeks. The blended learning approach in this programme enables employees to complete their practic …

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Five Things that Set CHS Apart from Other Chef Schools

Want to follow a career in the culinary arts? Then your first step is to choose the right chef school. With many offerings out there, why choose us? Read on to discover what makes us different. No APS score or special subjects required Many colleges and chef schools have strict entry requirements. At CHS, we understand that choosing subjects at school when you are not yet sure of which career path to follow can be difficult. Your potential should not be limited by your earlier subject choices. W …

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Five Essential Skills You Will Learn Through Chef Training

Skills development and certification are essential to grow and compete in any industry. Whether for yourself or as an employer, you will want chef training that teaches the five essential skills needed to operate within the world of gastronomy, and our in-service programmes include the following: Mastering the art & science of cooking to perfection Even if you have been working within the kitchen environment for some years now, you can always improve on your skillset. Gastronomy is as much a …

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What Hospitality Courses to Take?

What to Study for a Career in Hospitality?   A certificate or short diploma may have been sufficient to find a job as a small hotel manager in the past, but with the industry now more competitive than ever, it’s imperative to attend one of the highly accredited full-time hospitality courses to gain a widely recognised qualification to set you apart from other job applicants. One of the best hospitality management courses to study is presented at the CHS campus in Pretoria. Want to know more …

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How to Improve Efficiency in the Kitchen: Cooking Training Matter

The lack of necessary skills affects kitchen staff efficiency. If they don’t know the basics of mise en place, knife handling and maintenance, food hygiene and meal preparation, they cannot perform at their best. As an employer, you can improve kitchen efficiency through cooking training at your workplace. Read on to discover how it is possible, how you and your employees can benefit, and which training provider to choose. Benefits of Cooking Training at the Workplace for Employees For the emplo …

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Does a Chef Qualification Matter from a Chef School?

The short answer is a resounding yes! Although a cook prepares food and works in a kitchen, a cook is not qualified at the same level as a chef according to the trade test requirements set out in 2012. A relevant qualification matters. The school from where the qualification has been completed also matters. Read on to discover why the qualification and the choice of chef school are important. A Registered Trade The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) announced in 2012 that the occu …

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Improve Restaurant Profitability: UPSKILL Your Kitchen Staff with Chef Training

If you don’t have qualified chefs at your restaurant, then upskilling your cooks through a chef training programme at your restaurant is a splendid way to develop a more productive kitchen team that is able to work towards the creation of delicious and high-standard culinary masterpieces. Food quality, presentation, and taste will improve. Evidently, this will affect the restaurant’s bottom line as customer satisfaction will increase, implying a higher customer retention level, a growing service …

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How to Improve Your Kitchen Skills with Cookery Courses for Career Development

If you are already working within a kitchen environment, but don’t have the necessary qualifications to advance your career prospects, we recommend enrolling in one of our online cookery courses. How does online training work? A blended learning approach is followed. This entails a combination of online learning, face-to-face teaching and gaining training experience in the workplace. With this approach, practical experience is gained whilst in your current work environment. Apart from not having …

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