Cooking School

6 Fantastic Reasons to Apply to a Cooking School   Whether you are a master at making crème brûlée or if your skills are only limited to a boiled egg, it is never too late to follow your dreams of learning to cook. While training to be a professional chef is excellent, there could be several other reasons for looking into formal studies while attending a cooking school. Some would like to improve on skills they already have, while others want to pursue a career in cookery. Regardless of you …

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Hospitality Management Courses

5 Skills Your Chosen Hospitality Management Courses Should Teach You   If you are searching for hospitality management courses online, then it is likely you will come across quite a few. While some institutions may seem to present classes that cover A to Z of hospitality management, there are five specific skills that prospective students must ensure they learn. It is these five skills that mean you will step into the industry with confidence and some useful experience behind your name. Pay …

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Hospitality Management School

How a Hospitality Management School Can Give Your Career the Boost It Needs Those leaving school or looking to explore a new career usually know the direction in which they wish to move, even if they do not yet have a specific goal in mind. For service-oriented individuals who enjoy meeting new people in dynamic and creative environments, hospitality management is ideal. The industry offers an infinite number of opportunities, and those who pursue this field of study usually find their passion a …

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Butler Training

How Do You Know If Butler Training Is for You? While common movie tropes may have convinced you that all butlers wear tailcoat suits and offer tea on a tray to guests all day, there is much more to this career than what these films depict. Many butlers fill multiple roles within a household and are essential to the home’s daily management. If you are looking for butler training, you might not yet be sure if the career is for you – so here is how to tell if you are cut out for this exciting line …

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Beginner Cooking Classes

How to Make the Most of Those Beginner Cooking Classes If you have finally decided to try some beginner cooking classes, you might be feeling nervous or even a little hesitant. While starting anything new may pull you out of your comfort zone, you might be surprised to find just how much fun cooking really is. If you would like to make the most of your new culinary adventure, then have a look at our tips on how best to learn. Consider Your Goals Not everyone signs up for beginner lessons with th …

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Domestic Worker Training

Exciting Career Opportunities Await You with Our Domestic Worker Training To some, it may come as a surprise to hear that many people actually enjoy serving others. Those working within the hospitality industry find real meaning and fulfilment in helping clients and guests by going the extra mile for everyone they meet. Service jobs are rapidly changing too, so what was once perhaps considered a lowly industry in which to work, now offers sought-after careers. Domestic worker training is more po …

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Learn to Cook

Do You Have a Love for Cuisine? We Can Help You Learn to Cook! Everyone enjoys eating, but not everybody knows how to make a delicious meal of their own. If you are tired of living off fast food and expensive dining, then taking some time to learn about the culinary arts is a worthy choice. When you learn to cook, you will enjoy a whole host of benefits that simply do not come with that packet of instant noodles. If you would like to enjoy the lifestyle (and even career) changes that cooking can …

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Online Cooking Courses

More than Just Training – Our Cooking Courses Prepare You for Life You may have spent countless hours searching online, seeking an institution that will offer you the learning experience you need. After all, studying towards a career is about more than just taking information in – it is about gaining the necessary experience that will give you a kickstart in your line of work. You know you are passionate about food preparation, but which cooking courses will turn your dreams into a reality? At C …

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International Cooking Course

Earn While Working with Our International Food and Beverage Service Internship Do you have a love for the hospitality and service industry? Then you will know how many opportunities are available to fall in line with a career that you will enjoy. If your goal while studying is to travel and receive an international certification, then our USA Hospitality Food and Beverage Service Internship is precisely what you need to fulfil your dreams. At Capital Hotel School, we have always been driven to g …

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Online Hospitality Training

Get Certified with Our Online Hospitality Training Programmes Nobody’s career path is set in stone, and being stuck in that dull, monotonous nine-to-five job does not need to be your reality for the rest of your life. Most individuals want to improve themselves and reach for their dreams – unfortunately, some may feel it is too late. The truth is, however, that it is never too late to achieve your dreams, and with our Hospitalit-e courses, those dreams may be closer than you think. For working p …

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