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Blended Learning

Blended Learning

The preferred education and training method

CHS is the first hotel school in South Africa to launch all our learning material onto a Blended Learning platform – being the market leaders in this field!

Blended learning represents a learning model that combines both formal (traditional classroom) and non-formal (online courses) methodologies;
the latest in e-learning. Blended learning represents a model that integrates technology to boost learning and deliver impact. Easy access to learning material and resources plus regular reports on the engagement of the learner and knowledge test results, ensure that the facilitator, the learner, and/or their sponsor stay informed of the learner’s progress. Our learners can continue their studies remotely and keep abreast of their curriculum irrespective of their location.

All the advantages of blended learning that have been mentioned above, make existing systems look outdated and old-fashioned. To improve information retention, engagement and teaching, blended learning is more important than ever, regardless of the industry. These advantages apply to learning institutions as well as corporations upskilling their workforce.

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