Why Study At CHS

Why Study at CHS

We are Proudly CHS

Sometimes it is good to brag a bit. There are a few things you should know that should inspire you to take that next step toward your dream. National and International Qualifications and Courses included in Management and Chef Programmes. Please go to COURSES for more details.

CHS is an accredited Trade Test Centre

So, chefs, your Trade Test in your final year, to certify you as qualified artisans, is INCLUDED in your tuition fees and you can complete it on our campus — a privilege second to none!


Our team of highly qualified and enthusiastic lecturers will challenge and inspire you to excel. They have many years of teaching and industry experience and therefore or learning material are developed to comply with the latest industry standards. And most importantly, they genuinely care for each student and his or her future.

Small Classes

Interactive classes with individual focus allow for better learning, enhancing your tendency toward success.

High Percentage of Employment

A significantly high percentage of our students find employment opportunities at reputable national and international establishments. Coaching and mentorship are provided by the CHS team. If you give it your all, your efforts will be recognised.


We have a highly competitive and INCLUSIVE pricing structure. Affordable, value for money without sacrificing quality.

Study Loans and Payment Plans

Our qualified staff will assist and guide you to apply for a student loan at leading credit providers. Furthermore, we offer several structured payment plans tailormade for your needs.

Combination of Hard and Soft Skills

Our qualified staff will assist and guide you to apply for a student loan at leading credit providers. Furthermore, we offer several structured payment plans tailormade for your needs.

Uniquely CHS

CHS Hotel School offers several features that are unique to the South African hotel school market, small things that matter and make a difference to the quality of your experience.

Full Uniform & Equipment Kit

You will receive a full uniform and equipment kit. The good news is that this cost is included in your tuition fees. No unexpected surprises, so you can cook and serve in style.

Free Personality Evaluation

This evaluation is completed during your first week on campus and the developer of this colour test (Seeds of Inspiration) presents it in person on campus. This will enable you to understand and appreciate the behaviour of your peers and the CHS team, which is an essential part of making teamwork, dreamwork.

Teambuilding Camp

Hospitality is hard work, but you are a student, after all. Our five-day orientation camp at a holiday resort is an unforgettable experience with fun-filled days loaded with adventure and opportunities to bond with fellow students and meet the management team. The first of many precious memories and new friendships in the making. And..the cost is included in your tuition fees!

Blended Learning

CHS Hotel School is the first Hotel School in South Africa to fully implement Blended Learning since 2017. This includes a blend of classroom, online, and practical tuition. The prescribed balance of work integrated learning and theory has been fine-tuned to form our learners efficiently and effectively into multi-skilled employees.

Legacy Hotel School

Established in 2001 in the capital city, CHS Hotel School is a classic and traditional educational institute with modern flair. Our free-standing campus creates an exclusive learning space where you can truly “get your hands dirty” and grow as a professional, while you prepare for your future. The training facilities are also designed to simulate real work environments. Students effortlessly change lecture rooms to intimate or large function venues, conference set-ups or a cozy restaurant to enhance their practical skills. Our 3 training kitchens ensure that delicious dishes are prepared and served with style by our learners.

Place Roster Rotate Evaluate

Work integrated learning creates an opportunity for valuable on the job training. As a training professional, you will be exposed to a wide variety of handpicked training partners. We place, roster, and rotate each student and our facilitators regularly visit and evaluate our off-campus practical establishments in and around Pretoria.

Secure Parking

Our 24-hour security ensures safe and controlled access to our parking area, a major low-cost benefit for our students who are privileged to have their own transport.

Free Android Device & Data

You receive a FREE Android device where you will find all your learning material and a Simcard with 1GB of FREE DATA per month for the duration of 10 months to excel on our online platform.



Supervised and hosted the VIP suites at Loftus Versfeld Stadium and FNB Stadium (Soccer City).


Experience comes with time, exposure, and practice. Over and above their off-campus Work Integrated Learning (WIL), CHS students are sought after to work at prestigious functions and events because of their work ethic, skills, and high standards.

Our students have made us proud on countless occasions throughout the last 20 years and here are some of the most memorable and extraordinary moments in the history of CHS:


Served former U.S President Barack Obama at an event hosted at the Presidential Guesthouse.

Served our very own President Cyril Ramaphosa at one of his charity events hosted at the new world-class Hotel Sky in Sandton.

Served at both the Inaugurations of former President Jacob Zuma and current President Cyril Ramaphosa at Loftus Versveld Stadium.


Three CHS teams (lecturers vs students) competed against each other in the "Kom ons Braai" competition which was broadcasted on VIA TV channel 147 on DSTV.

An alumni student took part in the very first "Sjefhuis" competition hosted by the very famous Chef Bertus Basson on VIA TV channel 147 on DSTV and achieved an amazing second place.


Managed the public cook along workstation and presentation areas at the Good Food and Wine Show with many international celebrity chefs as their mentors.

Took part in Hostex, the Netbank Golf Challenge at Sun City, Capital Craft Festivals, Oyster Festival, Info chef (Won the best service award), Taste of Tshwane to mention but a few.


CHS was involved in the launch and execution of the well-known "Table of Peace and Unity" fundraising event for several years, first at the Union Buildings and then moved to Freedom Park in Pretoria. https://www.food24.com/the-table-of-peace-a nd-unity/

Took pad in the first SA Animal Cancer Association's Gauteng Potjiekos competition in 2021 and walked away with the first prize.

Our students and personnel are involved in multiple fund raisers in voluntary capacities. Wet Nose, Tshwane Child Welfare and Brave to Love are our long-standing partners and here we really get involved to serve their needs with generosity.


Preferred service partner at the annual October Beer Fest at the Deutsche Schule.

CHS students are often approached by our neighbouring Embassies (e.g. French, Canadian, Thai and Danish, to name a few) to work at their exclusive events.


Chef Vincent Lucas joined CHS on campus to host a "Movie Eat-a-long" event.

CHS students were approached to cook at the French Embassy with South Africa's very own Chef Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen.



CHS was the start of my future

Studying and working alongside diligent and brilliant people gave me the courage and knowledge to succeed in my career today.

I was taught very valuable life lessons and made many mistakes, but it was truly the best learning experience.

I had many highlights during my two years of studying and found my true passion; I want to pursue my dream of becoming a Sommelier.

What impacted me the most was the WSET wine course that I did and the extensive knowledge I gained from working on the Blue Train.

I will forever be grateful for all the opportunities I was given at CHS. It made me want to learn more about the diversity of this industry and it has motivated me to work harder for what I want in life.

I am currently employed as a Guest House Manager at the 4-star Lavenders at Constantia Guest House.

Marli Barnard – Hospitality Management Student – Class of 2017


My most valuable learning experience at CHS was not just about the academics, but the life-lessons on respect, social skills, empathy and realising your own worth and potential.

I learned that doing your best is far more important than just your academic capabilities.

I am where I am today because of the lecturers that stood by me, believed in me and prepared me for the journey that I am currently undertaking.

It was two years of hard work but it was all worth it.

I was fortunate enough to do my practicals on the Blue Train which led to my current position as a Butler on the Blue Train, under Transnet, a fine dining and 24hr butler service.

Meeting different kinds of people and learning languages from different cultures and countries is an ever-growing highlight of my career. Hospitality has taught me about prioritizing, problem solving, communication and humanity and how to keep smiling, despite the challenges one may face

Mpumelelo Maseko – Hospitality Management Student – Graduated Class of 2017


CHS is where it all started.

I always had a love for hospitality but at CHS, I found my true passion for this industry.

I had the privilege of being taught by some of the best people in the industry.

I had the most amazing lectures who helped me open up my mind to new possibilities and showed me what the industry was really about.

We had a lot of late nights and early mornings but I did it with a smile. The two years I spent at CHS was two of the best years of my life.

I am currently employed as the Restaurant Manager at Forti Grill and Bar and I am loving every moment of it.

I can truly say that hard work and dedication pays off. Always challenge yourself to be the best you can be.

"A dream doesn't become a reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work - Colin Powell

Sonja Wilken – Hospitality Management Student – Graduated Class of 2017


Studying at CHS was an incredible journey with lots of highlights and lowlights.

From assignment deadlines, re-writing failed exams, fulfilling external practical responsibilities to having a part time job as a train hostess at Rovos Rail. It was a lot to take in but the overall experience changed my life.

I’m thankful for the activities we used in class; it helped me with public speaking and boosting my confidence. I was taught independence, responsibility, time management and how to handle and work under pressure. I’m now commended for my professionalism.

I’m grateful for the experience as it’s equipped me with the knowledge and skills as current Kitchen/Restaurant Manager for Grounded at Echo and Private Chef and Cooking instructor at MealswithMasego, my own personal brand.

Masego Mbonyana – Hospitality Management Student – Graduated Class of 2012


My journey as a chef began at CHS.

Through hard work, long hours and early mornings, I was taught to be the person that I am today.

My confidence grew tremendously during practicals. CHS offered great practical experience within the work place, and their skilled Chef Lecturers really prepared me for the real world.

I also had the privilege of making lifelong friends whilst at CHS.

I graduated in January 2017 with Cum Laude, and began working as Head Chef at a 5-Star restaurant in Pretoria for 2 years. Thereafter, I travelled through Europe and Thailand for 2 months.

Cayla Riley - Professional Cookery Student - Graduated Class of 2015


For 2 years, CHS was my home. I got a whole new level of understanding about my future career. It was filled with great experiences. From working in different industrial kitchens, to meeting new people all whilst having fun. It was all worth it.

I was fortunate enough to get a Commis Chef position at The Grand Westin Hotel, a five-star hotel in the Western Cape.

This can honestly not be considered an easy nor a difficult industry. To succeed you just need to have love and passion and remember to have fun whilst working hard.

Pitsi Moloto – Professional Cookery Student – Graduated Class of 2017


I studied culinary arts at the prestigious Capital Hotel School (CHS) and training Academy. I am forever grateful to CHS for the time, knowledge, and networking opportunities that they imparted on me during the years I was there. They equipped me with the necessary life skills to survive in the workplace and society and training at CHS opened many doors for me. I left the school, a good communicator with unique culinary skills and was destined for greatness.

CHS not only taught me how to be a master of my craft in the kitchen, but they also taught me how to source quality ingredients, manage my costs well, market myself as a brand and most importantly, through management classes, taught me how to host a crowd.

The elegant campus was an inspiring environment that paved way to great ideas. Instantly, I knew the kind of environment I would want to work in one day and have never looked back since. I was privileged to have made a lot of friends that have now become family.

Learning at CHS means embracing different ethnic groups of people as the school welcomes everyone. This experience prepared me to work in world class multicultural environments. I find it easy to interact with anyone in the world whether it’s a prospective client or workmate.

To the youth of South Africa, as Dr Stephen R. Covey said, “Begin with the end in mind”. Anything is possible. Have a vision, don’t be afraid to dream and work hard towards accomplishing that dream. Make smart choices and travel.

Samson Makoni – Professional Cookery Student – Class of 2014

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