Frequently Asked

1. What are the entry requirements? Do I need matric/Grade 12?

Yes, you will need Matric/Grade 12 certificate. Current Grade 12's must submit their most recent results and prove that they passed Grade 11. An Admission Point Score (APS) is not required.

2. What qualification will I receive?

Our programmes include a variety of National and International accredited qualifications and additional courses. Please click on the programme of your choice below for full details.

3. What does the study fees include/do we offer discounts?

Please see the full of our price structure click here

4. Is there parking available on campus?

Our 24-hour security ensures safe and controlled access to our parking area on campus, situated on all the major transport routes.

5. Will I receive any work (practical) experience in the industry?

Work-integrated learning creates an opportunity for valuable on the job training. As a training professional, you will be exposed to a wide variety of handpicked training partners. We place, roster, and rotate each student at one of our selected practical establishments in and around Pretoria. Our qualified and experienced facilitators will visit and evaluate the progress of each student throughout their training period to ensure that the CHS standards are adhered to.

6. What does the curriculum include?

We believe in multi-skilling our students -developing a set of skills relevant to a variety of jobs, a requirement of the workplace in the next normal. Mastering the prescribed theoretical studies and practical experience (hard skills) are important, however, we also develop the student's life or core soft skills such as emotional intelligence, work ethic, communication, and cultural awareness to function and flourish in a team and the global workplace.

7. What is the employment rate after graduation?

A significantly high percentage of our students find employment opportunities at reputable national and international establishments. Coaching and mentorship are provided by the CHS team. If you give it your all, your efforts will be recognised.

8. Do you have an online platform?

Yes, we do have an online platform with live reporting and administrative procedures. CHS was the first hotel school in South Africa to implement blended learning. This includes a blend of classroom, online, and practical tuition. The prescribed balance of work-integrated learning and theory has been fine-tuned to form our learners efficiently and effectively into multi-skilled employees.

9. Does CHS offer Accommodation?

CHS Hotel School does not offer student accommodation. We do however have a list of available Student Accommodations close to our campus that you can choose from. CHS does not take any responsibility for the successful placement of prospective students in lodging, accommodation or the rental agreement.

10. Where are you located?

919 Stanza Bopape Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, 0083, across the Presidential Guesthouse and among many embassies and on all the major transport routes.

11. What salary can I expect after graduating?

The industry has various positions in different job categories. It is important to get your foot in the door and work your way up. Take note, knowledge is important, attitude is essential, but performance is what counts when you enter the job market.

12. Does CHS offer Student Loans / Bursaries / Funding?

 CHS do not offer the above as we are a privately owned company. NSFAS study loans are not applicable

13. Does CHS offer part-time chef qualifications?

CHS do not offer any part-time chef qualifications. However, we do offer Short Skills Programmes to individuals who are currently employed in the industry. Click to view courses

14. Can you study both Hospitality Management (HM) and Professional Chef (PC) concurrently?

HM and PC are full-time programmes and can therefore not be studied at the same time.


15. What does the team building camp entail?

Our unique four-day teambuilding camp at a holiday resort is an unforgettable experience with fun-filled days loaded with adventure and opportunities to bond with fellow students and meet the management team. The first of many precious memories and new friendships in the making. And...the cost is included in your tuition fees!

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